Our customers

We do prefer international customers out of any market. We know each project is unique and will require a certain portion of tailoring. Being involved in plenty of different markets is one of our key strength, since we keep the wide view on solutions while designing them or recommending existing ones.

Multi-cultural experiences and requirements do in the same way help us transferring knowhow and advising for optimal solutions into each project. We can always learn more and grow. We for the same reason do prefer working together with small as well as mid-size but also with large scale customers in order to diversify our experience.

During almost every project we noticed several miss understandings between customer and integrator as well as between integrator and manufacturer. While we work with all three levels, our customers benefit from us closing these gaps.

Acting always loyal, non-disclosing, independent, efficient and with full customer orientation are the most important principles of our company culture.


  • Technology comparison & advise
  • Technical evaluation
  • Analysing and questioning customer needs
  • Supporting tendering and evaluation phase
  • Support in planning, installation, acceptance, documentation and training
  • Project management
  • Ensuring communication on eye to eye level with integrators and manufacturers
  • Cyber Security advise

Services for end-customer can be for any technology and will be tailored to their special needs and requirements, where solutions either seem not to exist or are really not yet available on the market.

Integrator / solution provider

  • Assistance as additional experienced resource
  • Project management when needed
  • Connecting with right supplier or manufacturer
  • Specifying demands for required development tasks by 3rd parties
  • Coordinate external developments
  • Product management and business development role if required
  • Quality and testing assurance

Each integrator does have its field of expertise. Our services are dedicated to assist, where the experience is getting to its edge or where you are currently lacking in human resources with the right skill set.


  • Market research
  • Market feedback
  • Specification of new demands
  • Development coordination
  • Product marketing & positioning
  • Assistance as additional experienced resource, when required
  • Training structure
  • FAT / SAT / SysAT support

There are plenty of smaller and larger manufacturers in the business, hence with size and capacity of the manufacturer the depth of offered assistance will vary. Let us help you to understand demands fully. We like to assist to close any gaps.