Our Background

We have been working for almost 20 years in the critical communication industry with integrators / solution providers as well as a manufacturer always to customer satisfaction. Professionalism and skills are proven by various Formula One Teams, famous industry members like Siemens, Alstom, BHP Billiton, FraPort and plenty more. We have been using and deploying many products of many brands myself like Motorola, Sepura, Tait, Funktel, Kenwood, Icom, Damm, Hytera, Excera, Airbus, Nokia, Airlynx, Ericsson, Athonet, Samsung, Apple, Huawei and many more. This goes for devices and infrastructure as well as multiple applications from different vendors. We do have a large supplier and expert network within the industry and project experience from long term projects like rail and airport projects as well as large projects such as professional motorsport (e.g. Formula One) venues or Olympic Games.

In order to serve our customers in the best way, we founded the “commsCEPT” as a limited company being able to offer beyond standard consulting also product trading if required and tailored development tasks via 3rd parties or being able to hire competent staff easily into my company when required.

Our Vision

Identifying and adapting solutions for customers’ needs by providing the right advice and service at an early phase to save time and avoidable costs for our clients.

Our Mission

Our principles hereby will always be to stay customer oriented as well as loyal. Working efficiently and independent for the clients to achieve their best available communication solution for their requirements, currently available as state of the art, is highest priority. Constantly staying technologically on the edge of new developments, we stay forward thinking keep looking also at future needs for our clients.

Our Offering

Business Fields

We are experts in critical communication industry (wireless as well as wired). This includes PMR and LMR technologies such as LTE, DMR, TETRA, Analog, MCx, PoC, P25, 4G, 5G, IoT, etc. Their products are well known to us as well as their distribution partners and manufacturers.

Market Segments

Almost any market segment requires communication, but they all differ by their needs. Transportation like airports, vessels, rail, busses, lorries and taxis do require communication as well as Industries such as car manufacturing or pharmaceutical plants. Utilities such as power plants, renewable energy fields like wind mills or solar panels, pipelines but also water suppliers need critical communication systems each with very unique demands. But also casinos, shopping malls or public markets as well as sports venues like Formula One, football stadiums, baseball, basketball, skiing events do require different communication solutions for security, for rescue and emergency. Public services like military camps, technical aid organisation, ambulance services and hospitals do require again each different other communication services. Also oil, gas and mining hast different challenges towards their communication system.

Each demand is individual. Therefore the solution is tailored and the right advice, analytics and services are required to apply and integrate the right subset of technologies into one tailored solution solving the customer requirements. While not only focussing on the technology, we also take a look at their interworking/ integration possibilities and solutions.

Why us?

Understanding your needs and knowing the available technical solutions at the same time are our key competences, which make us very efficient to assist you. Using us especially during times like covid-19 is a cost saving, riskless and flexible investment. You will receive a pessionate, highly experienced and focussed resource while avoiding long term fix costs. Our deliveries will be in time and on garget. You will get to know us as trustworthy, loyal and non-disclosing. We are both industry known but also knowing the industry.


During almost any project we noticed several miss understandings between customer and integrator as well as integrator and manufacturer. While we work with all three levels, our customers benefit from us closing these gaps. We do define needs and new products via market researches for manufacturers, assist integrators to find the right manufacturers on smaller items belonging to their solution or assist in project planning and execution. We do the latter either on integrator side due to staff shortage or on end customer side for better expertise in their team.


We do offer consultancy services as well as engineering services on our own or in coordination with 3rd parties as well as project support before during and at the end of a project. We offer the “all-round package” starting from demand analytics and going up to after sales support after product delivery. Offering this wide range allows our customers to pick and choose their area of interest or potential gap in market proximity (as manufacturer), staff shortage (as integrator) or lack in competences (as end customer or integrator).

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